lukMiner Supported Coins

Upon repeated user request, I will use this page as a means of listing all the coins supported in the respectively latest version of lukMiner (as of this writing, that’s 0.11.3). With each coin, I’ll add a little example of how to call lukMiner to run it – you may of course have to customize that to your own pool, wallet address, etc, but it should suffice to at least test the miner with a command line that’s known to work.

Note I will add these coins in reverse order in which they were added – this means that the most important coins will likely be at the bottom; but on the upside, it’ll be easier to spot the most recently added ones…


  • uses “bittube2″/”cryptonight saber” algorithm
  • added in v0.11.6
./luk-cpu -a ipbc --host --user bxcH7ypUkmt12peei8zF9ocUT92AJhxgiPi4MRotgmRaaUDa3V1uhj9ac9SQCzAVUnPeJ66HxJ9zs97ZF2MXENWj1P54GdaYh --port 5631


  • uses xnheavy algorith (-a xnheavy)
  • added some times around v0.11
./luk-cpu -a xnheavy --host --port 5002 --user So1pREz6RcScUKbMMSdsmV6kuua9TcTWqCCrhjjVgXKjgntMtRSTsQDEmAUDc1T78LGKqtAX4qUaGUQNvcVw1CpH2HDnbtbXp --pass demo


  • uses “crytponight fast” algorithm (-a xnmasari or -a xnfast)
  • added in v0.11.4
./luk-cpu -a xnmasari --host --port 7777 --user 5jaxsaJ8xN91qYpeTMQqT7TnuwJjtD5ttQrQBhTYcrtWVL84NU5s5MAFePxD661nZpShqddV3gxtvazZNrNja55pB2MzNnD.1000 --pass testing


./luk-cpu -a xnstellite --host --port 16222 --user Se48FcbD5uWF2AVsMgDuj918yTtRDPC5H218ZsXBP6jtCpmGdDa8D97Q6f9jWWUkeK2snno9rr8CoVjU1KKh7vxP13C6xLVGx.15000 --pass myRigName


./luk-cpu -a haven --host --port 4005 --user hvxxwLQB2wC1dmdSzw1fyTiMUhPa438YxgrZZPsv1Tkj5tgMLpN58SDikUGfBmkJ7RXXTRAzmYALa9vMe5P55L1m3aGHQpLWcM.50000 --pass 'w=demo'


./luk-cpu -a xnalloy --host --port 5662 --user A6MKy9TZabKU1LFuA7J97QXVrLMnWRMmhaM6GANzpU98i5wr31zNMEN39szAUvgPfoLw1Jvm3KnAnNzpWMBZfMYZBRPGdGr --pass

Ryo Coin

  • uses “cryptonight heavy” algorithm (-a xnheavy)
  • added some times around v0.11
  • Yes, the wallet still has “sumo” in it – but that’s just part of the history of ryo…
./luk-cpu -a xnheavy --user Sumoo6SgKXMD8NcBFzqB1QBzmRPiLeJxFPUmcy7tfM88br8y76G6EGTi8ireo3dy1VcSiK5sVKB4wbpcHtCu32RLBGMbZ1Nbfx3.myRigName --host --port 5555 --pass x


  • uses “cryptonight heavy” algorithm (-a xnheavy)
  • added some times around v0.11
./luk-cpu -a xnheavy --host --port 7733 --user LEc5AVn9BeME2zwrfEaKB3BHVEc8or1vMWNvk6QGDyQNefHTfuiBsFU3UfaECTD9c2gih94K9WqVQjbD9Juto1Pe225SAUn.50000 --pass


  • uses “cryptonight heavy” algorithm (-a xnheavy)
  • added some times around v0.11
./luk-cpu -a xnheavy --user P2PPhY6qC6LWjqeqSTaKnJ7DqX7cX9tbNEzwAcM2omewP8QwargEep8Fw8bYJ9jJKHPo3MzTomRb65Ls3tz9dzeA14NuJGYguk+myRigName --host --port 5599 --pass x

Turtle Coin (TRTL)

  • uses “cryptonight light v1” algorithm (-a trtl)
./luk-cpu -a trtl --host --port 6665 --user TRTLv1uvD2YdjbXjCtfkgLZLMbWVvJFD39hSJC3PPHHdJadVuni1myWVFx6KzZ8YRmAAQh6Uq8amyVzm533KzHBA8quAddENG1D.100000 --pass x

Aeon V1

  • uses “cryptonight light v1” algorithm (-a aeon)
 ./luk-cpu -a aeon --host --port 8080 --user Wmt5hTKURa1bzAaUroB9JQByeiK7nPooLf4KcMXBCjMfdbeoTHVWzXePHMiyGFTNVhgtzXrxn9vZTfCqKFD57oea2UV2de3Qy --pass x

Monero v7

  • uses Monero v7 algorith
  • added some time when dinosaurs roamed the earth …. (aehm – right after the v7 fork., that is)
./luk-cpu -a xmr-v7 --host --port 8080 --user 45Pw3bWFJXQiR1hN97huM6BbNPpnYdPytWnTUbkEm6KS9MExU7Gtr3nBsVoZA746qhCEwqVsFuPdwfXVtZwXxHQ6LDyfBaL

Monero Classic

yeah, it works … but is useless since ASICs, so ignore that…