lukMiner 0.8.6 adds Xeon Phi Offloading Support …

After having promised this for a long time, lukMiner 0.8.6 will finally be the first version that supports automated “offload” mining on the x100 “KNC” Xeon Phis. I.e., it will no longer be necessary to configure the KNCs to have network access, or to manually copy and run native binaries to/on the mic devices … (yay). Instead, this new version adds a new ./luk-xmr-knc-offload binary, and this binary will – auto-magically – use the mics’ MPSS stack to upload the native binaries to the mic, to run the code there, etc … all through a single, host-side binary.

That new “knc-offload” binary will by default automatically use all of the mics found in the system, and will – just like the OpenCL binary – by default also use all host CPU cores…. all of which makes mining with the x100 phis so much easier (also, this no longer requires network configuration for the MPSS stack). As far as I know, this is now the first miner ever that allows for mining monero, aeon, sumo, karbo, etc, via offload on the x100 Xeon Phis. Yay!

I plan on releasing this version pretty soon; the only reason I’ve not done that yet is that a few days ago the harddrive I used for making releases unfortunately died, so I have to spend some time reinstalling … Until then, a preview “release candidate” of this 0.8.6 to come is available through this link (Update 1: Fixed original tar file, which was actually missing that new binary … apologies!) .

Happy mining!



Oh-kay, here it goes…

… after initially distributing all news and updates on lukMiner via twitter, email, and google sites I finally decided to go all-out, and start an actual blog on it.

I’ll primarily use this site to share updates, new features, newly supported coins, updated performance on new or interesting hardware, etc, as well as for little updates on my own experiences with it (because yes, I use it quite a bit myself, too!).

Note at least for now I’ll still host the release binaries on google drive, and will still update the old google site (i.e.,, and will still tweet updates on the lukMiner twitter feed (@lukMiner)… but eventually this site “should” replace those two.

At least for now – happy mining!