Update 1/3/18: Added some info about myself…

About this Blog…

This blog/page is the home of the “lukMiner” – a crypto-currency miner for cryptonote coins such as Monero, Aeon, SumoKoin, Karbowanec, ByteCoin, etc. Unlike most existing open-source miners lukMiner strives mainly for one thing – to work out-of-the box (and without requiring manual performance-tuning) on pretty much any kind of platform you could throw at it. In particular, in addition to having the regular CPU and GPU back-ends lukMiner also has back-ends for Intel Xeon Phi processors, has more advanced auto-tuning of CPU mining parameters, etc.

For now, I’ll use this blog mostly to share updates, new features, experiences with new coins and hardware, etc. Comments and feedback are – as always – welcome, either as comments to the respective pages, or via email, at lukas.l.alexander@gmail.com.

About me …

As some may already have guessed, “Lukas Alexander” is not exactly my real name – but “crypto” is a weird field that (in addition to lots of really great people and enthusiasts!) also contains a lot of more shady people, frauds, hackers, etc. As such, I decided to protect my privacy and for all things crypto adopt this alias.

In my “real” life I actually have a day job with Intel that has nothing to do with crypto whatsoever – so just to be clear: I do not do this “for” intel, nor is intel in any way associated with or active in this project (in fact, unlike virtually any other customer I don’t even get free or pre-release hardware for testing!); so all opinions in this blog are exclusively my own.  I started out as an enthusiast myself, created this miner as a hobby (i really like making code run fast, on all kinds of hardware 🙂 ), and eventually ended up running a little mining operation as a side business (had to put all this hardware I bought to use, right?). Initially I hadn’t even planned on releasing this miner to the public, but when I realized how profitable mining on the Phis was – and how many people there are out there that had phis and no good mining software to use them – I decided to put it out… and so far am totally overwhelmed with the feedback….

Anyway – enough about me… this blog is about mining, and not about me….

Happy mining!