Service back up again … check your miners!


To all those that do run monero: Yesterday morning supportxmr – the pool I use for my devshare – accidentally blocked my devshare address, thinking all the many different connections were a botnet. And since the miner won’t do anything if it can’t reach the devshare pool this not only brought down my devshare, but pretty much everybody else’s mining, too.

This has already been fixed (those guys were really helpful!), and I’m already thinking about ways of how that can be avoided in the future – but be that as it may, I’d suggest you all check if your miners actually do anything useful; as far as I can see from the devshare hash rate most of the miners are still offline despite the devshare being unblocked, so I assume there’s a lot of them where the machine itself crashed, or for some other reason did not come back up after the miner was down for so long…. and before you have your machines running all idle – best check them!

With that,

Happy Mining!


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22 thoughts on “Service back up again … check your miners!”

  1. All i can say is i am excited about RandomX on the phi.. obvioulsy this is the new Monero Algo thats due next fork.. the PHIs could be unbeleveably efficent and monsters at hashing this!


    1. We’ll have to see. The phis have super-fast MCDRAM, but it’s not just as fast as cache, so on a per-core basis the phis should be quite a bit slower than a regular cpu, in particular if you include the lower clock freq. For monero, the phis vector units make up for that – because of the large mcdram you can use every vector lane – but whether that’ll hold up for randomx will remain to be seen …. i looked into it a tiny bit already, but not enough to judge _that_ part.


    1. See related answer to tom – there was a bug in my release distribution script…. i actually _did_ build several new versions since april, they just never got posted. Should now be. Apologies.
      Re lukstick: the stick itself doesn’t need to be rebuilt; just copy the new miner release over the old one, and you can reuse your old sticks no prob – i do the same.


  2. Hi Luk, There is significant performance drop for a week or so. I checked the log and it is currently running the “slow” code version. Are all the precompiled fast code paths depleted?


    1. Apologies for that – this is an artifact of using an older version of the miner that has run out of built-in precompiled blocks. I’ve built several new releases since April that have fixed those issues, but apparently those never got posted to the public site, so you guys never had them (but never realized that because my handful of “big” users were getting these releases through a different channel). Just pushed .16.4, that should fix this problem.


  3. Can you work on integrating RandomXL into the Phis. Monero and LOKI are now on that algo and its super CPU friendly.


  4. hello luk, will there be a randomx version of your miner right to the 30th of november?
    so we could mine fast from the begining and get a lot of XMR’s 🙂 looks like CPU’s will have advantage on a GPUs, so really interesting about hasrate etc.
    and what you think about idea of buying ryzen 3900x just to make profit on that?


    1. Hm. Yep. Hm. We’ll have to see. On one hand, I do see blog posts of hash rates of up to 40KH on some Epycs, relative to which 7k is pretty bad. That said, it’s several times as much as what a GPU seems to be getting, and most of the Phis are way cheaper than a brand-new Epyc system, so we’ll have to see how the price/difficulty will pan out. I’m not too optimistic, but we’ll see.

      Re optimizations: unfortunately there’s not much “obvious” stuff that one can do on rx – the real strength of the phis is on their vector units and MCRAM, but randomx mostly stresses clock rate for scalar instructions, and L1 cache speed. You sill have 64 cores, but each core is single-issue 1.2Ghz – whereas any other modern CPU is multi-issue and 3-4GHz ….


  5. Hi, and can you make mining on a system CPU’s also. or like a some key – turn on\off mining on a system CPu’s. as i have 2x e5-2690v2 so it would be a good hasrate too


  6. Hi Luk, will you be able to release a RandomX miner before it forks tomorrow Nov 30?

    Would love if we can start mining RandomX immediately once it forks around 18:00 UTC


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