Service back up again … check your miners!


To all those that do run monero: Yesterday morning supportxmr – the pool I use for my devshare – accidentally blocked my devshare address, thinking all the many different connections were a botnet. And since the miner won’t do anything if it can’t reach the devshare pool this not only brought down my devshare, but pretty much everybody else’s mining, too.

This has already been fixed (those guys were really helpful!), and I’m already thinking about ways of how that can be avoided in the future – but be that as it may, I’d suggest you all check if your miners actually do anything useful; as far as I can see from the devshare hash rate most of the miners are still offline despite the devshare being unblocked, so I assume there’s a lot of them where the machine itself crashed, or for some other reason did not come back up after the miner was down for so long…. and before you have your machines running all idle – best check them!

With that,

Happy Mining!


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