v.15.6 – CPU re-activated, and a bit more perf on the Phis

Just uploaded v.15.6 – this was primarily built to re-enable the CPU path, but while looking at that I also realized that I had some pretty egregious spilling code in the KNL path that wasted cycles. In .15.6 this is now fixed. Latest performance:

  • on my 7250, with Ubuntu: +/- 1940 H/s
  • on a 7220A active card: +/- 1840 H/s.
  • 7210 …. still have to check, but not today.

Quite interestingly, at those rates we’re coming back to profitability numbers we haven’t seen in a while: at least if the profit calculators can be belived, at current reduced difficulty 1.9kH is back over 80cents a day. Not as much as during the crazy days (I still remember the $7.50 a day :-/), but way better than the $.20 we’ve seen recently!

With that – happy mining!

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14 thoughts on “v.15.6 – CPU re-activated, and a bit more perf on the Phis”

  1. 7210
    [17:49:15] ——————————————————-
    [17:49:15] … all up and running now; perfect!
    [17:49:15] ——————————————————-
    [17:49:15] generated (fast) code for blockchain height 1791143
    [17:50:01] new job at difficulty 120001 (acct:user)
    [17:50:03] *** total hash rate: 1765H/s (may take a while to converge)
    [17:50:03] +++ shares so far: user=95.3%, dev(knl)=4.7%
    [17:50:28] *** total hash rate: 1830H/s (may take a while to converge)
    [17:50:28] +++ shares so far: user=94.9%, dev(knl)=5.1%
    [17:50:43] new job at difficulty 500054 (acct:dev-knl)
    [17:50:43] new job at difficulty 120001 (acct:user)
    [17:50:44] generated (fast) code for blockchain height 1791144
    [17:50:50] *** total hash rate: 1837H/s (may take a while to converge)
    [17:50:50] +++ shares so far: user=95.9%, dev(knl)=4.1%
    [17:50:58] new job at difficulty 120001 (acct:user)
    [17:50:58] new job at difficulty 500054 (acct:dev-knl)
    [17:50:58] generated (fast) code for blockchain height 1791145
    [17:51:18] new job at difficulty 322590 (acct:dev-knl)
    [17:51:21] *** total hash rate: 1825H/s (may take a while to converge)
    [17:51:21] +++ shares so far: user=91.6%, dev(knl)=8.4%


      1. I’ll have to look that up – last time I checked (quite a while back) nobody was using it; I may simply have accidentally disabled it and not realized it.


    1. You can’t comile in _all_ blocks because every minute or two a new one comes in. I could of course pre-generate blocks for the next 5 years, but a) that would produce a pretty big binary (at least my compile times are way down since the latest fix), and b) I doubt they’ll stick with this algorithm for that long …


  2. I’m seeing varying performance with bootable 7210s.
    In warmer ambient temps (32C) , hash rates are around 1550H/s
    In cooler ambient temps (25C), I’m seeing 1730H/s.

    $ curl http://XXX.XXX.XXX.42:3333

    $ curl http://XXX.XXX.XXX.46:3333

    $ curl http://XXX.XXX.XXX.49:3333

    $ curl http://XXX.XXX.XXX.52:3333


    1. That may be more of a random correllation than anything else – if you had said temp > 80C then maybe – but 25C vs 35C? Unlikely.
      Note hash rate also varies per block because of the random math – some blocks have more costly math than others: just the instrucitons can be anything from 60 to 70 per block, and some blocks contain more shifts, others more muls, etc.


  3. can’t understand what i’m doing wrong.
    wrote lukstick on a drive – +
    use minitools to expand first partition – +
    rewrite files with a new versions – +
    not working..
    says – “welcome to emergency mode!”
    it’s booting up mic’s
    there is an error – timed out waiting for device dev-disk-by\x2duuid-CD50\x2d1907.device
    and Dependency failed for /mnt/fat

    i think just expanding and moving partitions is smth which cause this.
    so how all of you are still mining with this?


    1. oh. i have read the post before. and ok got it. i just don’t need one file at all. ok. now it just
      stuck at finding this strange dev-share pools which are not accesable. no no. i haven’t got a firewall or anything.


  4. I am stuck mining Loki too, for somereason the new binaries don’t seem to work with the lukstick 3.1… Not sure why that’s the case, but it’ll shake out. One way or another….


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