v0.15.5 with v4r support is out

Since I did get a few emails asking whether the new version is now out: Yes, it most certainly should be!

I did have some last-minute glitch in that all my testing machines apparently burned through one more of the wires in my home’s electrical wiring (third time :-/), so a few wall sockets lost power, including the one to my router – so the release was baked early yesterday, but didn’t get pushed out right away because the router was dead. Oh, heck, it all happens at the same time. Either way, a single extension cord from anothe room fixed that, and the 0.15.5 version was pushed some time before midnight yesterday night.

And as always, it should be on the releases page, under the following link: http://www.lukminer.net/releases/

A few notes:

  • this version should have code for at least a month or two’s blocks compiled in. I’ll update newer once when it’ll get close to that.
  • In this version I did fully deprecate support for the x100 generation phis. If somebody can convincingly make a case for re-activating that I can still do that – but it’d literally have to be thousands of those x100 generation phis to make that worthwhile, and I doubt those would be profitable.
  • In the latest drop I’ve disabled the CPU version; partly because this reduced the compile time by 4x (yes, CPU build is 3x more expensive because of the different instruction set specializations….), and partly because I thought nobody used that any more. I already got comments to the contrary, so will re-activate that in next drop.
  • I have not yet gotten around to fixing smaller coins like turtle or aeon.

Either way – v0.15.5 is out, and should be working.

With that – happy mining!

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16 thoughts on “v0.15.5 with v4r support is out”

  1. Hello, what’s wrong with the files size? it’s just HUGE. of course i can’t put it on a 100mb disk in a lukstick


  2. Actually, I had to use the 15.4 version on my luk stick because the unzipped version of 15.5 gets to 112MB. It’s working but then again I have no idea if its only for the time being. Either way, getting a little more than 2kh/s at the moment on XMR.


  3. And whoops, I guess the time change has given me the a brain issue, I guess if I just bring in the binary I need I should be fine, the files have usually been so small this hasn’t been an issue. Sorry


    1. No prob. They _are_ large, actually, because every block needs different code…. My own LukSticks seem to be newer than the ones on the web; my fat partition is 400, not 100…. I‘m ripping a new image right now, will upload tonight when Unger back home.

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  4. Another thing I find interesting is that the KNL cards with phi cpus binary seems to be less than half than just a standalone card… is that because you had to include all the other CPUs and not just the xeon phi? Just curious.


    1. less than half … ? not sure what you mean? file size? The -phi and -devicecode binaries should be pretty much the same size … they contain the same avx512 vector code for the same blocks. The cpu binary is larger because it has support for multiple ISAs. The mpss-_host_ binary I’m not sure – it might actually have the miner code completely removed, since it’s primarily there to launch the cards – the host CPU probably won’t make much of a dent. Will have to check, though.


      1. Not a big deal. Was just out of curiosity. I wouldn’t take up too much time thinking about it.


    1. If you are still having issues with this, you have space on the stick to expand the fat32 partition. I used minitool partition wizard as Windows 10 doesn’t allow you to do it directly. Moved it from 100MB to 250MB with no problem, just takes a while to repartition, kind of about the same amount of time as burning the iso. I hope this helps.


      1. I did create a new lukstick with a 400MB partition, and it actually works just fine; it’s even a 8GB stick, so it’ll be more tolerant with less-than-100%-working 16GB sticks. But for some reason when I copied that to a test stick that test stick didnt’ boot any more (the original one does…) …. and then I ran out of time looking after it. Will look again this weekend, then also with updated .15.6 – it’s faster, so need to update, anyway.


      2. That works, I was able to change the partition size but it wouldn’t run since for some reason the fat/mnt directory no longer existed so I had to downgrade back. Currently mining loki since I can’t seem to be able to get monero. I hope you can get it back up and running soon since at the end of the month even Loki moves to CNTurtle and I will be relegated to mining only Saronite or Haven at that point.


      3. Oh and just saw the latest post of 15.6, all three are the same size (in 15.5 luk-mpss-knl was 124MB or so) , so one quick question, can I get away with just bringing in the devicecode and the knl binary I need (in my case luk-mpss-knl)or do I need to bring in all three (devicode, luk-mpss-knl, and luk-phi-mpss-knl)?

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      4. Phi-mpss you won’t need at all, that’s only if you have acohi card in a phi host…and I’m reasonably sure at most one other person on earth has ever even tried that 🙂
        As to using the new device code with the old launcher: “Maybe”?!


      5. Great, the combined size of all the files is about 85MB so it will fit in the 3.1 sticks. Will see if it works when I get home tonight.


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