v4r is live.

Blockchain height 1788000 has just passed, so if you’re mining monero, you have to use the new miner.

Good news: Performance is roughly where I’d want it to be:

Screenshot from 2019-03-09 11-35-28

Bad new: I did (of course!) introduce a final bug when I built the release last night, so the v0.15.1 version currently on the downloads page will actually crash at that blockchain height. (Apologies – but that happens when you can’t actually test on the ‘real’ blockchain, yet :-/). The fix was literally 10 lines of code … but still – I’m currently baking the new version, and will upload as soon as the make is through.

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5 thoughts on “v4r is live.”

    1. Yes, ‘knl’ (short for “knights landing) is just the short-hand name for all x200 processor names. It’s the same as for “regular” CPUs, where you have names for _architecture_ generations – say, Haswell, Skylake, Kaby Lake, or Coffee Lake (nowadays also sometimes called 7th generation, 8th gen etc) – but then multiple actual _products_ that use the same architecture but different core counts, frequencies, etc (eg, an i5-7400 and a i5-7600K are both Kaby Lake’s, but with different specs). In that light, the “phi” is equivalent to the “i5”, “i7”, etc for regular CPUs, and “knights landing” (or KNL) equivalent to the “kaby lake”. So all of the 7210 , 7220, 7250 etc are all KNLs. And yes, the “phi” miner will work on all KNLs, no matter the core count, and no matter whether it’s a card or directly on a server board.

      PS: And while we’re at it – the _proper_ name for the miner shuld actually be a luk-_knl_ – not luk-_phi_, but that would have confused even more people, so I stuck with phi :-/


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