v.14 and Devshare-Pool changes

V.14 is out as of last night; and can be downloaded from the usual place (http://www.lukminer.net/releases/). At least on my development machine this brings v8 hashrate back to about 2100H/s – not where I expect it to end up, yet, but sure better than what it was before.

Please note I also changed the devShare pool from DwarfPool to cryptoknight.cc – apparently DwarfPool was having some issues last night and was refusing connections (reported by a user, and verified by me as well); if there’s any issues with that let me know!

And finally – a final note to all the inquiries about when a KNC version will come back again: I’m working on it. As said before the changes that went into v8 make the code “easier” to port to KNC (the “explode” and “implode” phases should already work by now), and in particular, to then keep “in sync” with future changes. However – please understand that this is still a very different architecture than the x200 KNL phis – they’re both 16-SIMD machines, and many instructions are shared … but quite a few are missing one or or the other side, and even worse, a few look the same but behave somewhat differently. And of course, a single bit wrong in a single instruction, and the hash is wrong, with a nightmare to debug it …. so this takes some time. Oh, and of course, there’s no OpenCL, auto-vectorizer, or anything like that in the miner, so it’s not “just recompile” for the different architecture. Anyway, the summary is still the same: I’m working on it, it’s coming, but it’ll take some time. :-/

With that – happy mining!

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42 thoughts on “v.14 and Devshare-Pool changes”

  1. Just tested on my 7210 AsRock machine, 1900 H/s per node on v14 for CNv8.
    Another interesting finding: I compared v11 and v14 for CN Saber (Bit Tube), and v11 is 2100 H/s while v14 is 1900 H/s. There seems room to further optimize.


    1. I would like this too as well, especially with Grin since they have the c31 protocol that needs 12GB and some of these cards have 16GB. Anyone heard from Luk? Is he ok?


    2. I think that with Mimble Wimble it may just be a plugin that is needed and the actual miner might already be made so perhaps its just a matter of getting the card to talk to the miner? Or am I just being to noobish for my own good.


    1. I’ve compiled Cuckoo miners for my 7210s before. This particular miner was for Merit (MRT), and while the per thread performance was impressive, the 1-3GB used per thread was a limiting factor in that Cuckoo implementation.

      You’d need thousands of $$$ in DDR4 to go full bore.

      A decent idea is “dual mining” CN coins with ~16T pointed at a Cuckoo network.
      This requires dialing back the CN threads appropriately.

      I’ve not seen the memory requirements per thread for Grin or Beam, but am guessing like Merit, the memory requirement is per thread.

      I know that is currently true for GPU mining GRIN, as the edgebit configuration creates a graph that requires 6-8GB of GDDR.

      On another note, these servers do very well on Aragon250d algorithms.
      I have compiled miners for Zumy and Merge that run on the Ubuntu distro native to LukStik, if anyone’s interested.

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      1. We are definitely Still interested if you are able to send it to us those binaries. Thank you very much.


      2. Hey guys, received a LOT more inquiries than I expected.

        We’ve been hard at work compiling just about every algo we can find to aid us in furthering profits on the PHIs.

        In the coming weeks, we’ll be moving forward with a decision on what to do with our findings.

        We may end up publishing a public repo of precompiled binaries and a maintained list of coins, if we can’t find a better way to integrate this into the ecosystem.

        Keep an eye out here. As this is pretty much the only online community for PHI miners out there.

        Maybe we should spin up a discord server…

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      3. Luk and 9600, I think the discord server idea is a really one so that the small community of Phi miners can all really talk to each other. Just a thought.


      4. did a discord server or other repo ever get spun up for posting/sharing/discussing binaries and performance tests? I have several asrock setups and enough ddr4-2400 to test and benchmark anything.


  2. Also, if you can possibly teach a man to fish and possibly show me how to port these into the miner I would be eternally grateful


    1. Basically you put the USB stick into a windows box, unpack the new miner over the old one, and edit the config script to use your address. The rest of the USB is linux, but should pull the linux binaries from that windows partition next time you boot it.


  3. I hope you are well, Luk. And as the commenter above stated, I hope you’re both aware and able to provide us another update for the upcoming Monero fork.



      1. Luk, I’ve never seen any donations link on this page.
        Are you open to taking community donations?


      2. Good to hear from you man, was starting to worry something had happened. Is everything ok ?


  4. I mean you could create a github similar to xmr-stak and let the devfee be incorperated. Probably also useful for other coins. Open source can be a catalyst.

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