xmr-v8 ready to go …

Another heads-up: I finally manged to stress test the v.12 version that supports xmr v8, and at least on the test net it works perfectly fine also on the phis. I haven’t ported it to KNCs, yet (KNL has many more users, and thus much higher priority :-/), but at KNL seems to work fine.

The latest release (v0.12) is available at its usual place (http://lukminer.net/releases) – but make sure to remember to change your algorithm flag (“-a”) to “xmrv8” once the fork hits. And of course, do not use the v8 flag before that fork happens.

Finally, a note on performance: Don’t be too surprised if you’ll see significantly lower hash rates once v8 hits – the additional operations they added to the inner loop are really expensive, so on the (non-asrock) development machine I was using I’m seeing a drop from about 2500 to about 1700 H/s. That’s a little bit more than I expected, but as I just said: The additional operations are expensive, so any other CPU or GPU miner will likely see quite an impact on hash rate, too … which means difficulty should adjust accordingly, at least after a few days.

With that – happy mining!

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10 thoughts on “xmr-v8 ready to go …”

  1. Awesome getting the miner out to us Luk! Any chance there will be an update to the luksticks iso? Or is there some blatantly obvious way that I’m unaware of to get this to work on our own?


    1. Sigh. I’m working on it, but making those things is taking an insane amount of time … Updating is easy, though: Just download the latest miner, untar it over the existing one in the /mnt/fat directory (or on the respective d: or e: drive if on windows), and update the lukMiner.cfg file. I do that all the time, too.


  2. Hi,blogger,I have a small error, always prompt after execution, “fatal exception in miner thread ‘opencl’: no ​​hasher defined” What do I need to do? Ask for your help.


    1. The OpenCL back-end is currently working only for some of the older coins; since nearly everybody using lukMiner uses it for the phis there were hardly any users for the OpenCL back-end, as anybody wanting to use OpenCL instead used xmr-stak, anyway …. but if there is demand I can of course re-activate this code.


  3. hi, i have an error , stratum error #-1: Low difficulty share
    stratum reports general error {“id”:1,”jsonrpc”:”2.0″,”error”:{“code”:-1,”message”:”Low difficulty share”}}!? …
    semi-fatal error in serving stratum 0: general pool error , what i doing to solved this problem ?


  4. yes i running the right algorithm in ./luk-cpu -a xmrv8 –host pool.supportxmr.com –port 3333 –user 45Pw3bWFJXQiR1hN97huM6BbNPpnYdPytWnTUbkEm6KS9MExU7Gtr3nBsVoZA746qhCEwqVsFuPdwfXVtZwXxHQ6LDyfBaL, is this true ?


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