A Brief update on TRTL and AEON

Over the last week, I had at least two people ask me about updating the miner to support the cryptonight light algorithm required AEON and TRTL. When I got these requests, I was a bit confused … I thought I had updated those ages ago … but who knows, maybe there had been another fork!?

Well, I didn’t have any time to look into it until earlier today; but having now just re-tested the respective two command-lines from the “supported coins” page, I still am confused: at least on my side both AEON and TRTL are running just fine. That said, nobody seems to have run either one of these two coins for months (there’s no dev share activity for them), so there seems to be some issue that I cannot reproduce.

As such: If anybody did want to run those coins, and ran into issues with it: Please let me know. The only issue I could think of is that the miner that is preinstalled on the lukSticks is too old (in which case all you have to do is update the miner on those sticks), but otherwise it should work just fine.

All that said – AEON and TRTL might not be the most profitable coins for Phis: The big advantage of the phis is that they have lots of MCDRAM, so the “heavier” the coin the bigger the (relative) advantage over CPUs with smaller caches – so at least if the market forces are only mildly in effect CPUs with small caches should be most profitable on “light” coins, and phis most profitable at “heavy” ones.

With that – happy mining!

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5 thoughts on “A Brief update on TRTL and AEON”

  1. I was using a lukstick so that will be what the problem was.

    Thank you for your kind attention and support to your community and for all your hard work. I hope your new job goes well.


  2. Hi Luk,
    I have tested it again. The new version does work with Ryo with port 5555, but it did not work with 5556.
    P/S: I’m curious how to get the lukMiner work with Veronite? Seems lukMiner does not support at this time.


    1. Huh. Based on the _port_ number!? That sounds weird indeed – the miner itself doesn’t knwo anything about “ports” at all; it’s just a way of talking to the pool, not related to the coin at all – unless of course the pool doesn’t actually serve that port, or has a server for another coin behind that port. What pool was that?


  3. Almost the same for me: I run the KNC-native binary which didn’t have cryptonight-lite v1 (for AEON and TRTL) as of a few months ago… Its version number was behind the main release by a couple increments. Cryptonight v7 is included though, so for the next few days XMR will still work.


    1. Finally got around to checking my specific version number for knc-native: I was running 0.10.7. I’ve updated to 0.11.0 (is this the latest knc-native version? It was the latest I could find in the archive), but upon trying to mine AEON or TRTL, the miner fails with “unknown hashing algo” in red. I’ve tried various combinations of algo designations (‘aeon’, ‘trtl’, ‘xnlightv1’) and can’t seem to get anything to work for either of these coins for my knc-native phis. Any insight (or slap up side my head) you can provide is appreciated! Keep up the good work!


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