lukMiner v0.11.4 adds Stellite and Masari

Upon repeated popular request, I just added Stellite and Masari…

In the last few weeks there’s been a veritable flurry of different new “cousins” of algorithms in the cryptonight family – it all started with monero going v7, then aeon v1, haven, alloys, stellite, turtle, sumo, loki, ryo, niobio, and at least a dozen others that are all virtually identical, but with minute differences in their core algorithm. Adding those is relatively easy – they often differ in only a few lines of code (templates are your friend!), but it does take a certain effort to set up a node, create a wallet for the dev share, do some testing and burn-in, bake a new release, update the documentation, etc; as such, I usually add new coins only when they seem to be “real” (and even then, only on the next weekend :-/), but once a few users ask for it, I usually do add it at some point in time.

As such: I have the honor to present – ta-daa – the new version v0.11.4 that primarily adds Stellite and Masari. I’m also almost ready with IPBC and Arto, if only I get them to compile on the cloud node that hosts my nodes….

Please note I did run them for a little while for testing, but this time did not do a full 24 hour burn in test. If there are any issues, please let me know.

With that:

Happy Mining!


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