Haven …

Just released version 0.11.2, with support for Haven. That version was actually built two weeks ago, I only just realized that I had never moved it to the public part of the download pages (which is at http://www.lukminer.net/releases, of course), so nobody could actually use it – duh.

I had in fact already added Alloy, Turtle, and a few others recently, but the previous version did not yet contain Haven – they had their split right after the previous release, so I had missed that. Now of course, the moment the fork occurred I had some early users ask for support, I added it, gave them a (internal) link for testing, and …. promptly forgot about it, until another users earlier today sent me an email asking whether I had ever thought of adding it …

Either way – the new version is not online, and as far as I heard from those users that did already test it, it seems to be working just fine.

With that – happy mining!

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4 thoughts on “Haven …”

  1. Sigh – if only I had more time. That’s been on the drawing board for a long time (together with a feature that’ll auto-switch between different coins, if so configured) … it’s just that all my spare time right now goes into packing and sending cards (not many left, though), and trying to keep up with all the coin algo changes of the last few weeks …. :-/


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