MPSS Version for x200 machines


Though this will affect only a small portion of my readers (after all, the 7220 cards are pretty thin on the ground….) I still wanted to share this, because it’ll probably make at least some peoples’ days: Finally found a night earlier this week where I sat down and tried to build an MPSS offload version for the 7220 cards as well…. and who’d have guessed, when starting out with an MPSS version for the x100s it actually worked out pretty well.

Now the main reason I did that is that previously I had to jump through all kind of hoops to run the phi binary “natively” on those machies, with automated ssh scripts to start mpss, copy the miner to the devices, forward ports, kill/restart if required, etcpp…. pain in the ….. well. And of course, with the MPSS version all of that is gone, because the miner itself just runs on the host, and all the offloading is done by MPSS.

Anyway – the second reason I did that – and the thing that at least some here will enjoy – is that it’s always been bugging me that when running in native mode the 8 cards actually appear on pools as eight separate machines …. and I so wanted to at least once see an output of “24kH/s” in that miner’s output… And now, with the MPSS mode all the cards now indeed do work together in a single miner, so here it is:


And even more fun than that, here’s the corresponding screenshot from NiceHash… in particular, have a look at the difficulty column *G*.


Since that mpss offload version has pretty steep dependencies on OS version, MPSS version, etc I’m not going to put that into the public release; however, I already created a lukStick version of it, so if anybody does have some machines with x200 cards: let me know; I’d be happy to share that stick.

With that,

Happy Mining!


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9 thoughts on “MPSS Version for x200 machines”

      1. LOL. My thoughts exactly. Problem is it’s not only a full linux distribution, but also the full MPSS stack. I could probably selectively cull a lot of the packages that this stack installs, but that’d such a lot of time in trial-and-error reboot-and-test’s :-/


  1. Just saw the announcement of the Antminer X3 Cryptonight miner release. Looks like this hardware will have a very limited future.


    1. Yeah; but monero is already changing their algorithm, and ETN etc will likely have to do that too, unless they want to be swamped with those ASICs. Either way; those ASICs won’t be much good for the new monero any more, so we’re good ;-).


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